Why B. Loves Plates?

Maybe you wonder why to choose our products? What makes them so different from others?
What are they? Why are they better than other stamping products?
We will try to answer for all those questions!
Meet us, our products, our values and priorities in B. Loves Plates.

We create with passion and heart

From the beginning we put piece of our heart in every product. Every samping plate, every stamper or a stamping polish are made with love and passion to stamping and nail art.

Especially for you

All B. Loves Plates products was made and created by real stamping lover specially for all Stampaholics in the entire world! Yes, especially for YOU!

Our quality

From the beginning our priority was to create the best quality products for stamping. Stamping supose to be a pleasure and fun, right?

We always test first

We precisely test each stamping product before any of them goes to your hands. On this level we eliminate every defects and solve all the problems.

Stamping is easy

We believe that stamping is easy and simple and most of all fun. You just need a good quality products and the stamping will be only fun and pleasure.

Wed will teach you everything

In each package you will find a stamping instruction - we made the same on "How to stamp?" guide. You can also always ask us and write an email with your stamping problems.

We care about our Clients

We spoil you with little gifts in your package but also with a good words,a advices and with our smiles! You are the most important for us because we create our products for you!

We love conact with you

You can write to us by email or by our social medias to get an advice and solution for stamping problems. We try our best to solve all the difficulties and doubts.

We don't waste time

Yours of course! That's why we try to prepare and send orders as fast as we can so you can start your stamping adventure as soon as possible.

Our products are vegan

Our products are vegan. All stamping polishes contains only vegan ingridients. Remember that you can always check the composition of our products.

We don't test on animals

None of our products or ingredients have been tested on animals and it will never be. Nail polishes and other products are tested only by us and on us only.

No harmful substances

All of our stamping polishes are 7-FREE so they don't contain harmful substances like formaldehyde, toluene, camphor, ethyl tosylamide and xylene.

We care about our Planet

We are eco anywhere we can. We constantly upgrade our processes and methods of packing orders so we can protect our planet and Mother Earth even more.

Others love BLP

Almost few thousands clients in the entire world loved our products! YOu can see how many people use our stamping accessories.

We are worldwide

Our products reached to over 60 countries in the whole world. United States, Australia, and even Oman and French Guiana

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