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From the beginning of B. Loves Plates our priority was to create the best quality products for stamping. We know how important is to stamping be simple easy and fun!

Please read story of BLP founder itself – how she started her own adventure with stamping and then you’ll understand why the brand has the priorities like so!

“Long before B. Loves Plates brand was founded I realised how frustrating could be a moment when I try stamping and it didn’t work… My very own stamping set I get from my friends – it contains a small round stamping plate with few designs with really thin lines. Stamper was so hard and small and I use a regular nail polish to stamp the desgins.  On that moment it was the only stamping products available in Poland. After about 30 trials and  failures with stamping I was so angry and  I throw away the stamping products and said that only some idiot could invent something like this and I will never stamp again. What an irony, right? 

After few months stamping came back to me as a boomerang and I tried again but with the good quality products this time and I bought my first good soft and squishy stamper.
When I fell in love with stamping I started to wonder that I missed so many designs in my stamping plate collection… And in my head there was a thought – so maybe I will make my own stamping products? And after few months of hard work I made the first stamping plates, own stampers and then even my own stamping polishes and much more stamping accessories.”

And because of those experiences our main goal in company was (and always will be!) to create the best quality products for stamping that makes this nail art method simple easy and most of all fun and pleasure. Every stamping plate, stamper and every stamping polish were tested and checked before the final sale and what most important they are used by the owner of brand in real life and she warrant the quality of it with her own nails 🙂

All B. Loves Plates products contains huge amount of love and passion for nail art!

B. Loves Plates products:
– are safe for environment and our planet
– they have NOT been and will NEVER be tested on animals
– are vegan
– do not contain substances harmful to health

Every product was checked and tested before sale and every possible defects are eliminated before comes to you.

If you have any doubts or questions about the products – write to us!

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