How we pack your order?

When preparing and packing your order, we put a lot of heart and make sure that each package is perfect in the smallest detail.

In your package you’ll find:

  1. The stamping products you ordered of course! There would be no package without it so the stamping products are the most important here! Packed, new, fresh and beautiful.
  2. “How to stamp” instruction – it will help you with the first steps in stamping adventure.  If that’s not enough and you still have some question – you can check the Tips and Tricks or contact with us by email.
  3. Colorful gadgets – to all order we want to add a little bit of our colorful energy and love so we put a stamping gadgets – it will make you smile for sure!
  4. Sweet fudge candy – we know how you love our sweets so we put it in every package.

When packing your order, we use:

  1. Pink tissue-paper sealed with colorful sticker – never too much pink, so we want you to smile after opening the box and make a quiet “ooo”.
  2. Pink bubble wrap. In the past we wanted to change a plastic foil for anything else but the nail polishes was sometimes broken in the delivery so still we need to use the bubble wrap to protect your order. Remember that you can always reuse the foil 🙂
  3. Ecological filler – we call it “chips” (it looks like one!)  Officialy it called Skropack – it’s a filler made from a corn starch so it’s fully biodegradable and safe to the environment. Did you know that you can use only water to magically disappear? Just try it! 
  4. Box from the brown cardboard – we try to match the boxes to amount of products inside so as to use as little cardboard and filler as possible for one order.
  5. Paper tape with our logo  – we decided to use a paper tape to pack your order so we can care about our planet even more.
  6. Package foil from our couriers – most of that are the package foils from our courier companies. We have a huge stock of that so we want to use it instead of trash it away. Remember to remove the shipping label and trash foil to the plastic can. 

As you can see we try to care about you as our Client and also about our Planet where we are only a guests so we don’t want to make any damage.

Remember that you can reuse the box, bubble wrap and even the corn starch chips.

We send you lot of colorful energy,
BLP Crew

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