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Travel Time Collection

Newest stamping polish collection is now available. Check out all the colors and see all the metallic shades.

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Good quality stamping polish is so important in stamping that's why we created a special stamping polishes for this method. Meet their quality and see how the stamp like a dream! Stamping with our polishes is a pure pleasure! 

Colorful stamping products by B. Loves Plates

Stamping your nails

It’s a really quick and easy nail art method. Just see how simple is to create nails with stamping. You can do it in your cozy home or as a professional nail artist in your beauty salon!

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Stamping plate

Good quality stamping plate is essential! Designs need to be perfectly created and plate properly made.


Colorful stamper or see through? Pick the one you prefer and which method of stamping you want to use.

Stamping polish

Right density, amazing pigmentation. With a good quality stamping polish you will stamp one design after another.


Dzięki plastikowej zdrapce bardzo szybko rozprowadzisz lakier na płytce jednocześnie jej nie uszkadzając.
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