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METALLICS Collection – metallics stamping polishes set

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♥ METALLICS – matallic stamping polish set ♥

Set contains 10 nail polishes with metallic finish:
♥ BLP03 – B. a Silver Dust ♥
♥ BLP06 – B. a Rose Gold ♥
♥ BLP30 – B. a Cinnamon ♥
♥ BLP08 – B. a Gingerbread Man ♥
♥ BLP07 – B. a Santa Claus ♥
♥ BLP05 – B. a Royal Gold ♥
♥ BLP04 – B. a Pure Gold ♥
♥ BLP09 – B. a Christmas Tree ♥
♥ BLP28 – B. a Holy Night ♥
♥ BLP29 – B. a Xmas Joy ♥

Capacity: 10ml
silver, rose gold, copper, brown, red, old gold, yellow gold, green, blue, purple

This nail polish is very pigmented and a little bit thick that’s why it is so perfect for stamping design.

Stamping polishes from B. Loves Plates was made with love to stamping. Every detal (bottle design, brush and ingredients) was carefully considered before making it.

  • Rectangular bottle is perfect for storage in very comfortable way and it looks amazing on photos!
  • Mat cap will ideally lie in your hand, it’s resistant for nail polish remover, it won’t scratch and it will stay in perfect condition for a long time. Always remember to keep it clean, that’s why nail polish will be fresh and won’t inspissate too quickly.
  • With wide brush you can easly put the exact amount of nail polish to the design. This is the end of multiple painting, now it’s even better.
  • Because of really great pigmentation and thickness this nail polishes are perfectly for stamping.
  • Those nail polishes are 7-FREE, it means that they are without any dangerous substances as: Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, TPHP oraz Xylene.
  • Special selected ingredients, shades and finishes was made with longtime experience in stamping, that’s why they are perfect in every way. Every color in our collection was design for stampaholics from around the world!

From now on you can create a great stamping kit with our stamping polished! Stamping method is so easy and enjoyable now!

Happy stamping! ♥

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